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Providing Exceptional Drone Services Throughout the West Michigan Area



Aerial Photography & Videography


Construction Inspection


Real Estate

We specialize in exceptional HD 4k at 30fps smooth video and color graded

12 megapixel photos. If you are in the need of any professional aerial shots, AirBeekAerials is place to call.

With the capability of close-up videos

and photos, we offer our services to

any type of roof or construction inspection. This could include wind turbine inspections and more.

We offer our aerial photos and video

skills to anyone in real estate market

or looking to sell their property.




-Corporate Drone Aerial Videos

-Commercial Real Estate Presentations

-Construction Progress Images & Videos

-Corporate Event Videos

-Travel Tourism Images & Videos

-Dealership TV Advertisement Videos

-Building Inspections

-Roof Inspections

-Drone Parking Lot Pavement Inspections

-Wind Turbine Inspections

& More!


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